ASTM F1313-90(2011)

Standard Specification for Volatile N-Nitrosamine Levels in Rubber Nipples on Pacifiers

NORM herausgegeben am 1.2.2011

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: ASTM F1313-90(2011)
: 1.2.2011
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Kategorie: Technische Normen ASTM

ASTM F1313-90(2011) :

This specification applies to the nitrosamine content of rubber used in the manufacture of nipples for infant pacifiers. This specification is intended for use in reducing the normal exposure to nitrosamines. Methylene chloride extraction method shall be used to determine the nitrosamine levels.

Volatile matter content, Infant materials/applications--specifications, Nipples, Nitrosamine, Pacifiers, ICS Number Code 67.250 (Materials and articles in contact with foodstuff and water)