ASTM B792-16

Standard Specification for Zinc Alloys in Ingot Form for Slush Casting

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Bezeichnung normen: ASTM B792-16
Ausgabedatum normen: 1.5.2016
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Lead, zinc and tin products

Die Annotation des Normtextes ASTM B792-16 :

This specification covers two commercial zinc alloys, namely: Slush Casting Alloy A (Z34510) and Slush Casting Alloy B (Z30500), in ingot form for remelting for the manufacture of castings. This slush casting alloys are used primarily for the manufacture of hollow castings such as lighting fixtures, lamp bases, and small statues. The alloys may be made by any approved process, shall be of uniform quality, and shall be free from dross, slag, or other harmful contamination. The ingot shall be reasonably free of surface corrosion and adhering foreign matter. Casting alloys in black/red and black/orange color codes shall conform to the chemical composition requirements prescribed for copper, aluminum, lead, cadmium, tin, iron, magnesium, and zinc. The requirements for chemical composition verification such as number of samples, methods of sampling, and method of chemical analysis are given.

casting, casting alloys, gravity casting, permanent mold casting, slush casting, zinc, zinc alloys,, ICS Number Code 77.150.60 (Lead, zinc and tin products)

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