ASTM E1032-19

Standard Practice for Radiographic Examination of Weldments Using Industrial X-Ray Film

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Bezeichnung normen: ASTM E1032-19
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Welded joints

Die Annotation des Normtextes ASTM E1032-19 :

This test method provides a uniform procedure for radiographic examination of weldments using industrial radiographic film. Requirements expressed in this method are intended to control the quality of the radiographic images and are not intended for controlling acceptability or quality of welds. The apparatus shall comprise of a radiation source which may be X-ray or gamma-ray source; film holders and cassettes; intensifying screens such as lead-foil, fluorescent, fluorometallic, or other metallic screens; filters which shall be used whenever the contrast reductions caused by low energy, scattered radiation, or the extent of undercut (edge burn-off) occurring on production radiographs are of significant magnitude to cause difficulty in meeting the quality level or radiographic coverage requirements stipulated by the job order or contract; masking to improve radiographic quality; IQIs or penetrameters; shims, separate blocks, or like sections to facilitate IQI positioning; radiographic location and identification markers; and radiographic density measurement device. The test method shall meet the radiographic coverage, radiographic film quality, radiographic quality level, acceptance level, and radiographic density limitations. Procedures for surface preparation, radiation application and protection, IQI selection and placement, shim utilization, radiograph identification, and single-wall or double-wall radiographic techniques are addressed.

gamma ray, nondestructive testing, radiographic examination, radiography, weldments, X-ray ,, ICS Number Code 25.160.40 (Welding joints and welds)


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