ASTM E1034-95(2020)

Standard Specification for Nuclear Facility Transient Worker Records

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Bezeichnung normen: ASTM E1034-95(2020)
Ausgabedatum normen: 1.7.2020
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Die Annotation des Normtextes ASTM E1034-95(2020) :

This specification covers the required content and provides retention requirements for records needed for in-processing of nuclear facility transient workers. This specification is not intended to cover specific skills records (such as equipment operating licenses, ASME inspection qualifications, or welding certifications), nor does it reduce any regulatory requirement for records retention at a licensed nuclear facility. Rather, the records shall contain data elements for the following information: worker identification; occupational external radiation exposure; occupational internal radiation exposure; lifetime occupational radiation exposure history; security screening; medical approval; and radiation worker training.

exposure history, in-processing data, personnel radiation worker data, radiation exposure, radiation worker, records retention, transient worker ,, ICS Number Code 03.040 (Labour. Employment), 27.120.01 (Nuclear energy in general)

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