ASTM E1177-20

Standard Specification for Engine Coolant Grade Glycol

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Bezeichnung normen: ASTM E1177-20
Ausgabedatum normen: 15.5.2020
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Die Annotation des Normtextes ASTM E1177-20 :

This specification establishes the testing and requirements of four types of engine coolant grade ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, including virgin glycols and those derived from the recycling of vehicle engine coolants and industrial source glycols. Types EG-1 and PG-1 cover glycols with sufficiently low limits on components to allow a blended coolant to meet most OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. These types will probably be virgin materials, although redistillation could produce a sufficiently pure product. Types EG-2 and PG-2 cover glycol that will be suitable for many coolants, and can either be redistilled or virgin. The commercial products shall be suitably sampled and tested, and shall conform accordingly to specified values of the following physical and chemical properties: clarity; color (Pt/Co scale); relative density; pH by volume in distilled water; acidity as acetic acid; composition by mass of individual glycols (including ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, and others); total composition by mass of all glycols; water content; glycol ester content; and the maximum content for nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, silicon, chloride, sulfate, boron, aluminum, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, lead, zinc, and iron.

anti-freeze, engine coolant, ethylene, glycol, propylene glycol, recycled,, ICS Number Code 71.080.60 (Alcohols. Ethers), 71.100.45 (Refrigerants and antifreezes)


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