ASTM E122-17

Standard Practice for Calculating Sample Size to Estimate, With Specified Precision, the Average for a Characteristic of a Lot or Process

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Bezeichnung normen: ASTM E122-17
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Application of statistical methods

Die Annotation des Normtextes ASTM E122-17 :

This practice covers simple methods for calculating how many units to include in a random sample in order to estimate with a specified precision, a measure of quality for all the units of a lot of material or produced by a process. It also treats the common situation where the sampling units can be considered to exhibit a single source of variability; it does not treat multi-level sources of variability. This practice is intended for use in determining the sample size required to estimate, with specified precision, a measure of quality of a lot or process. It applies when quality is expressed as either the lot average for a given property, or as the lot fraction not conforming to prescribed standards. The level of a characteristic may often be taken as an indication of the quality of a material.

advance estimate, error analysis, pooled standard deviation, precision, sample size, sampling, sampling unit,, ICS Number Code 03.120.30 (Application of statistical methods)


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