ASTM E141-10(2018)

Standard Practice for Acceptance of Evidence Based on the Results of Probability Sampling

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Bezeichnung normen: ASTM E141-10(2018)
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Application of statistical methods

Die Annotation des Normtextes ASTM E141-10(2018) :

This practice presents rules for accepting or rejecting evidence based on a sample. Statistical evidence for this practice is in the form of an estimate of a proportion, an average, a total, or other numerical characteristic of a finite population or lot. This practice is an estimate of the result which would have been obtained by investigating the entire lot or population under the same rules and with the same care as was used for the sample. One purpose of this practice is to describe straightforward sample selection and data calculation procedures so that courts, commissions, etc. will be able to verify whether such procedures have been applied.This practice includes the concepts and procedures of sampling. Examples include sampling mineral ore or grain from a conveyor belt or sampling from a list of households along a street. If the systematic sample is obtained by a single random start, the plan is then a probability sampling plan, but it does not permit calculating the standard error as required by this practice.

audit subsample, confidence limits, estimate, equal complete coverage, finite population correction, hypergeometric distribution, interpenetrating subsamples, population parameter, probability sampling, replicate subsamples, sample size, sampling distribution, sampling frame, sampling unit, skewness, standard error,, ICS Number Code 03.120.30 (Application of statistical methods)


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