ASTM E990-13

Standard Specification for Core-Splice Adhesive for Honeycomb Sandwich Structural Panels

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Standard-Spezifikation für Kern-Splice Adhesive für Honeycomb Sandwich Bauplatten

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Bezeichnung normen: ASTM E990-13
Ausgabedatum normen: 1.10.2013
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Die Annotation des Normtextes ASTM E990-13 :

This specification covers the requirements for core-splice adhesive for use with nonmetallic honeycomb cores in the fabrication of honeycomb sandwich panels used in relocatable structures. The adhesive shall be thermosetting, of film form, and capable of expanding to several times its original thickness and shall be cured at specific curing time, temperature, and pressure. Materials shall be tested for physical properties qualification which shall conform to water migration, volatility, expansion, sag, density, flexural shear strength or assembly compatibility, and tube shear or core splice integrity requirements. The adhesive shall be suitable for application to core material, edge members, and integral parts.

adhesive, core splice, honeycomb, panel, relocatable structure, sandwich panel, structure, ICS Number Code 83.180 (Adhesives)

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