ASTM F1237-15

Standard Specification for Commercial Dishwashing Machines, Multiple-Tank, Continuous Oval-Conveyor Type, Heat Sanitizing

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Standard-Spezifikation für Gewerbe Geschirrspülmaschinen Mehrtank , Continuous Oval - Förderer Typ , Wärme Sanitizing

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Bezeichnung normen: ASTM F1237-15
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Die Annotation des Normtextes ASTM F1237-15 :

This specification covers commercial multiple-tank dishwashing machines of the continuous type, oval shaped, with horizontal table conveyor systems. According to direction of rotation, the dishwashing machines can be classified into two types: Type I-CW (clockwise) rotation is designed and supplied to accept the feeding of soiled tableware from the right side, when viewed from above and Type II-CCW (counterclockwise) rotation is designed and supplied to accept the feeding of soiled tableware from the left side, when viewed from above. These dishwashing machines can also be classified into three styles: Style 1 is a steam heated machine, with two classes namely Class A which uses injectors and Class B which uses heat exchange coils. Style 2 is an electrically heated dishwashing machine. Style 3 on the other hand is gas heated with two classes namely Class C which uses natural gas and Class D which uses LP gas. Furthermore, four types of arrangements for these machines can be made: Arrangement A is with tray rail and table-mounted garbage disposal machine; Arrangement B is with food waste trough instead of tray rail and garbage disposal machine in center of trough; Arrangement C is the same as Arrangement A, except disposal unit is not available; and Arrangement D is the same as Arrangement B, except that there is no disposal unit. Materials used in the manufacture of these machines shall consist of corrosion-resistant steel, corrosion resisting material, nickel-copper alloy and plastics. These materials used shall be free from defects that would affect the performance or maintainability of individual components of the overall assembly. The dishwashing machine shall be complete so that when connected to the specified source of power, water supply, heating means (steam or electric) and drainage, detergent and rinse agent feeder as applicable, the unit can be used for its intended function. Dishwashers shall be quiet in operation, free from objectionable splashing of water to the outside of the machine. Operational test, leakage test, and performance profiles shall be done in order to determine the overall efficiency of the dishwashing machine.

commercial multiple tank oval rack conveyor dishwasher, dishwashing machine, warewasher,, ICS Number Code 97.040.40 (Dishwashers)


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