ČSN EN 13269 (010663)

Furniture - Assessment of the surface resistance to microscratching

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NORM herausgegeben am 1.11.2016

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Preis12.10 ohne MWS

Informationen über die Norm:

Bezeichnung normen: ČSN EN 13269
Zeichen: 010663
Katalog-Nummer: 500815
Ausgabedatum normen: 1.11.2016
SKU: NS-666206
Zahl der Seiten: 28
Gewicht ca.: 84 g (0.19 Pfund)
Land: Tschechische technische Norm
Kategorie: Technische Normen ČSN

Kategorie - ähnliche Normen:

Industrial services

Die Annotation des Normtextes ČSN EN 13269 (010663):

This European Standard provides guidance on the preparation of contracts in private sector for maintenance services. It can be applied to: - cross-border as well as national company/maintenance contractor relationships, - the whole range of maintenance services including planning, management and control in addition to maintenance operations, - every type of item with the exception of computer software unless the software has to be maintained as an integral part of, and together with, technical equipment. It does not - provide standard forms for maintenance contracts, - determine rights and obligations between company and maintenance contractor, - provide rules for agreements with public administrations

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