ČSN EN ISO 16526-2 (015014)

Non-destructive testing - Measurement and evaluation of the X-ray tube voltage - Part 2: Constancy check by the thick filter method

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Bezeichnung normen: ČSN EN ISO 16526-2
Zeichen: 015014
Katalog-Nummer: 510410
Ausgabedatum normen: 1.9.2020
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Non-destructive testing

Die Annotation des Normtextes ČSN EN ISO 16526-2 (015014):

This part of ISO 16526 specifies a constancy check of a X-ray system where mainly the X-ray voltage is checked the tube current and the constitution of the target which can be changing due to ageing of the tube. The thick filter method is based on a measurement of the dose rate behind a defined thick filter using defined distances between the X-ray tube, the filter and the measuring device. This method is very sensitive to changes of the voltage, but it does not provide an absolute value for the X-ray tube voltage. Therefore, a reference value is needed and, it is recommended to find this reference, for example, within the acceptance test of the system. The thick filter method is a rather simple technique and may be applied by the operator of an X-ray system to perform regularly a constancy check of the system. The method can also be applied for consistency checks after changing components which may affect the X-ray tube voltage. This method can be applied for all types of X-ray systems, i. e. for constant potential, half wave and impulse wave generators with a tube current larger than 1 mA


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