ČSN P CEN/TS 16555-6 (010130)

Innovation management - Part 6: Creativity management

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Bezeichnung normen: ČSN P CEN/TS 16555-6
Zeichen: 010130
Katalog-Nummer: 501041
Ausgabedatum normen: 1.1.2017
SKU: NS-672515
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Land: Tschechische technische Norm
Kategorie: Technische Normen ČSN

Die Annotation des Normtextes ČSN P CEN/TS 16555-6 (010130):

This Technical Specification provides guidance for managing the process of originating new ideas from which innovations may be developed. It is applicable to all types of organization including manufacturing and services industries, the voluntary sector, governmental and social enterprise but with a particular focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The guidance in this TS covers issues to be considered by those responsible for managing innovation, in particular during the creative phase, and the sourcing of ideas from within and outside the organization. This document is one of six parts that support Part 1 of the series, CEN/TS 16555-1, Innovation management - Part 1: Innovation management system

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